Policy & Media

Doing green things: Skills, reallocation, and the green transition, 23 May '24

With Dan Andrews & Alain de Serres

Column on workers' skills and the Green Transition, published at VoxEU

Τι Ευρώπη Θέλουμε;, 01 Dec '23

Media article on European integration, published at To BHMA

Πως η αποτυχία της ακροδεξιάς σε μία χώρα γίνεται η επιτυχία της σε άλλη, 24 Nov '23

Media article on the Dutch Election Results & the housing market, published at EFSYN

Omarm automatisering maar zorg ervoor dat werkenden hiervan profiteren, 11 May '21

With Yannis Kerkemezos

Policy article on the effects of automation on the Dutch labour market, published at ESB

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